Ornette Coleman - Of Human Feelings - 1982

     "Coleman, like Miles Davis before him, took to playing with electrified instruments. Albums like Virgin Beauty and Of Human Feelings used rock and funk rhythms, sometimes called free funk. On the face of it, this could seem to be an adoption of the jazz fusion mode fashionable at the time, but Ornette's first record with the group, which later became known as Prime Time (the 1976 Dancing in Your Head), was sufficiently different to have considerable shock value. Electric guitars were prominent, but the music was, at heart, rather similar to his earlier work. These performances have the same angular melodies and simultaneous group improvisations – what Joe Zawinul referred to as "nobody solos, everybody solos" and what Coleman calls harmolodics – and although the nature of the pulse has altered, Coleman's own rhythmic approach has not."-wikipedia

denardo coleman – drums
ornette coleman – saxophone
charlie ellerbie – guitar
bern nix – guitar
jamaaladeen tacuma – bass
calvin weston – drums

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This is a GREAT album, and you beat me to it.
Thank you very much!

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