John Coltrane Live 1960-1961-1965

     "John Coltrane provides an epic 95-minute detailed overview of the truth of music giant 20-th century. Three concerts have shown increasing creative arc of Coltrane from the hard bop genre as a member of the Quartet Miles Davis Quartet in 1960, at the sole bandleader in 1961, unsurpassed dreamer jazz to 1965. This concert not only represents classic Trane's quartet with Elvin Jones (drums), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and McCoy Tyner (piano), but also with other jazz legends including Stan Getz, Eric Dolphy and Oscar Peterson. Includes breakneck versions of his songs "My Favorite Things" and "Impressions"."- jazzicons

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live in germany 1960:           live in germany 1961:               live in belgium 1965:
1. on green dolphin street      1. my favorite things               1. vigil
2. walkin’                         2. everytime we say goodbye     2. naima
3. the theme                     3. impressions                       3. my favorite things
4. autumn leaves
5. what’s new
6. autumn in NY
7. hackensack

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