Steve Coleman and Five Elements - Harvesting Semblances and Affinities - 2010

    m-base'in babası, son yirmibeş yıldır çağdaş cazın öncü isimlerinden steve coleman ve ekibinden 2010 basımlı efsane albüm "harvesting semblances and affinities". sound inanılmaz modern olmasına rağmen klasik caz algısına da hitap eden bir albüm. parçaların ritmik altyapıları oldukça başarılı, bol bol senkoplu. beşinci parça olan "flos ut rosa floruid" dışındaki türm parçalar coleman'a ait. vokaller oldukça başarılı. "beba" favori parçam.

steve coleman: alto saxophone
jonathan finlayson: trumpet
tim albright: trombone
jen shyu: vocals
thomas morgan: bass
tyshawn sorey: drums
marcus gilmore: drums (5)
ramon garcia perez: percussion (5)

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“Undeniably introspective, this is nonetheless music with an extrovert muscularity and stark physicality that would make it hard to ignore in performance. “ - BBC
“Filled with cantilevered rhythms, intertwining melodies and oblique harmonies, Harvesting Semblances and Affinities is one of the strongest albums of Coleman’s career and compelling proof of his continued importance in the development of contemporary jazz.” - All About Jazz
…he has quietly influenced generations of musicians; his ideas, once viewed as offbeat and inaccessible, have become crucial to the music’s contemporary language. Because of this his forthcoming CD, Harvesting Semblances and Affinities (Pi), sounds fresh and vital while also of a piece with its time and place.” - Jazz Times

M-Base concept

Steve Coleman explained the substantial elements of the concept as:
  • improvisation and structure
  • contemporary relevance
  • music as expression of life experience
  • growth through creativity and philosophical broadening
  • use of non-western concepts
The M-Base concept reminds of the creative energy of the bebop originators, their loose collective, and also of their musical goals. The concept does not include "neo-classical jazz," free music without structures, fusion music, music which isn’t mainly improvised, or which is shaped with respect to commercial aspects. (wikipedia)

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Steve Coleman dedi ki...

Please remove the link and download. Support the right of artists to benefit from their own work.

Thank you
Steve Coleman and Pi Recordings

Mr.Pc dedi ki...

Hey, you should better check what "real Steve Coleman" says about giving music for free.

"My reasons for providing free music comes from my belief that musical ideas should not be owned by anyone. I believe that ideas should be free for anyone to use (but not to necessarily sell to others or make others pay for the use of these ideas). The concept of a commons area where ideas can be used for the benefit of all but for the profit of no one may seem like an unrealizable concept in the world today. Basically greed runs the world today and it is because of this that the concept of ownership exits."

To read more -

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